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Prospecting for Sales
Teams of Any Size


Manage your teams’ success from a single dashboard. View each rep’s activity, manage reps, assign contact credits, manage contacts, track sales, run reports and keep a pulse on the overall success of your team.


Separate yourself from the pack by using Retreva to prospect 24/7 and free up your time to focus on closing deals.


Own a Retreva territory.
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Complete Concierge
from Set-Up thru Close


Support is available 24/7/365. Easily contact support via email, support ticket or phone. Or, use our online resources to quickly find answers to almost any question.

Complete Retreva Management

We become your sales assistant. We optimize your dashboard, set up timelines, monitor your contacts’ responses, and move them into the proper contact reply action based on the contact’s response. Then, we notify you when you receive a request to meet from a prospect.


We write the right content for your industry, business and prospects based on the millions of emails we’ve sent, all while studying reply behavior, psychology and understanding which words and phrases result in positive replies and which result in negative replies.

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Easy Interface to Monitor
and Track Leads Status


View your prospecting activity on your personal dashboard, but you don't have to worry because we'll be monitoring future opportunities 24/7, keeping “no for now” prospects in the pipeline to revisit when the time is right.


Our reporting keeps you on track. Have confidence that you are adding enough contacts to create activity, easily view your active pipeline and forecast and quickly take a peek at your entire team’s activity.


Our proprietary intelligence is proven to generate response rates as high as 80%. Contacts are emailed until they reply. The time between emails starts out a little more aggressive and then the frequency backs down as the contact matures in Retreva. Our Intelligence was designed around a single goal, help our clients get more meetings with prospective customers.

Retreva Your Way


Retreva plays well with most CRMs to simplify your sales process. Connect many well-known CRM tools to Retreva via our Zapier integration to streamline your prospecting process. Need a custom integration? No problem, just ask our team for more information to streamline your prospecting process.


Providing a secure, compliant platform for our customers is vital to your busines and ours. We implement strict processes to ensure your data is safe.


Contacts are the single most important factor to your success. The more contacts you add, the busier you will be. You can add a single contact on the fly, upload a spreadsheet or ask our contact specialists for advice on finding the ideal prospects for your business. The key is to consistently add contacts all of the time. How quickly can you get to 2,500 contacts or more?

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