What Makes
Retreva So Unique?

Illustration of a man standing in an office setting with a blue dog jumping towards him. The office has a modern design with a clock on the wall, plants, and furniture in various shades of blue. A paper airplane is also visible, adding a playful touch to the scene.

There is nothing like Retreva in the industry today. Our sales prospecting software platform is built to empower our customers to spend the least amount of time, money and effort to generate the maximum results.

How do we know that Retreva works? Because our customers sell more when using our software.
Animated illustration of a blue dog walking and wagging its tail.

Psychology and Science Make The Difference

Let’s be honest. Most salespeople only prospect when they need sales, and most don’t want to prospect at all. Salespeople and sales teams usually don’t have a set, repeatable prospecting process. Just like a dog playing fetch, salespeople just want to sell.

At Retreva, we’re so focused on the prospecting side of the sales funnel, that we never get tired. We combine science and psychology to create the best sales prospecting structure possible; then, we apply a proven process to prospecting to carry salespeople across the proverbial finish line. Our Retreva software eliminates the peaks and valleys of sales prospecting, so there is a consistent stream of messaging that, over time, nets a request for a meeting.

Salespeople are constantly thinking, “how am I’m going to get into the inbox?” Instead, they need to think, “how am I going to close the deal?” Let us handle getting into the inbox.

Price and Value

Retreva is the most affordable sales prospecting platform on the market. With no contracts required, our customers have little to no risk of trying Retreva.

Retreva is a sales assistant that is powered by real people. Most individual salespeople and teams can't afford to hire an inside sales assistant, and Retreva does it for the customer as part of the low fee we charge.

Nimble and Agile

For our customers, when they're running a business, their prospecting is within their own four walls. At Retreva, we are watching prospecting from a global perspective. We have the ability to instantly react to what we see on a broad level and apply it to each customer's content strategy. Essentially, we know how to "Retreva."

Minimal Customer Involvement.

A successful customer has to do two things: add contacts regularly and schedule the meeting when they get a notification that a prospect is interested. A current, active list is the key to success, and we can help our customers build their lists. Adding contacts and focusing on the close is really the only thing a Retreva customer has to do. We take care of the rest.

How Retreva Began

Pioneers in cold emailing, Retreva actually started out as a single great idea. After spending years in the sales industry, making cold calls and sending out thousands of emails, we realized that salespeople care about one thing – making the sale. So, instead of spending hours and hours per week communicating with potential leads, why not create software that can do it for you?

When we realized our sales experience could speak to hundreds, even thousands of potential clients with the touch of a button, cold emailing became the main focus. We arranged manual emails for several companies, returning great results. Then, we figured out how to make the prospecting process more automated and user-friendly for all companies in almost any industry to use. 

That’s where Retreva comes in. All you have to do is upload your contacts, and Retreva starts building your customer relationships for you. Our customized content is friendly and unassuming, and when a client reaches out with interest, you will be the first to hear about it. Let Retreva take care of your stagnant leads while you get to spend your time with customers and prospects ready to make a purchase.

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