How It Works

Retreva is as easy as Go. Fetch. Retreva. Close.

How Retreva
Works for You



The first step is straightforward and quick. Sign up and get started with Retreva. You’ll be the leader of the pack in no time.

An illustration of a sign-up form on a web page. The form includes fields for various information such as name, email, and password, with a "Create account" button at the bottom. A cursor is shown hovering over the button.



The first step is straightforward and quick. Sign up and get started with Retreva. You’ll be the leader of the pack in no time.


Add Your Contacts.

Add your contacts to your new Retreva dashboard. Remember, contacts are the most critical factor in your success. The more prospects you have, the higher your chance of making a sale. Add a single contact on the fly or upload a spreadsheet to save time.  Do you have potential clients that have been dormant for a while?  Go ahead and load them, as they are often Retreva users’ quickest wins.  

Need help finding new contacts? Contact us. Our contact specialists are happy to fetch new ideas about how to find new prospects for your business.

An illustration of a contacts management interface in a web browser window. The layout includes a list of contacts with columns for various details and a "Add Contacts" button at the bottom. A cursor is shown selecting one of the contacts from the list.
An illustration of an email composition window. The interface shows fields for the recipient, subject, and body text. At the bottom, there is a yellow "Send" button along with icons for attaching files, formatting text, and inserting links.


We’ll Take it From Here.

We get started gathering information about your company so we can create the right content for your business, industry and prospects. Immediately after signing up, you’ll receive a few emails asking for details about your business. This helps us craft the psychological side of your content. We pair that with the science of what we know works to develop everything down to the response replies for every email.

Once complete, we turn on your Retreva and start the process. When a prospect is ready to set an appointment, we notify you through email and your Retreva dashboard.


Meet and Close to Win the Sale.

Upon receiving a notification, schedule the meeting right from the Retreva dashboard. Retreva can bring Fetch to the pond, but we can’t make him swim. So, remember, it’s up to you to schedule the meeting and close the deal. For sales managers, this is where our dashboard leads the prospecting software pack. Monitor and manage each sales-person’s meetings set and close rates in one easy-to-use location.

An illustration of a new email message partially visible, emerging from an opened yellow envelope. The email interface displays a user icon and text lines, with a "Forward" button at the bottom.

With our Zapier connection, Retreva plays well in the park with many sales tools

including these below:

Get Started with Retreva.


I’m Ready to Sign Up.

Great! You’ll be the top dog almost faster than you can say, “Retreva, fetch my contacts.” Using Retreva means no contracts, cancel any time and complete support.


I want to watch the Demo video.

Watch our short explanation of how Retreva works. We know you’ll love it once you see it.


I want more information.

We get it. We want you to be comfortable and ready to top the sales charts, too.

I want to own a franchise.

Work from anywhere with minimal investment, no specialized equipment, and zero inventory, allowing you to lead your own pack.