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Empower yourself or your team with meaningful analytics in a single location. Get quick answers or a comprehensive deep dive with our reporting dashboard.

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View insights about your entire Retreva activity or review results for a single contact. Almost everything you need is located in your Retreva Dashboard. You can even send yourself an activity report to share with others.

Remember: the only metrics that really matter are the number of contacts being added and how much sales activity is being generated.


Keep everyone on track with real time reporting for your entire team.

Consolidated inbox lets you monitor all incoming opportunities, how quickly they are being handled

Identify opportunities that have not been addressed yet by your team.

See which team members are adding contacts and which ones are not.

Dive into what your team is actually saying to prospects after a meeting request hits their inbox.

View results of all active opportunities and what stage of the pipeline they are in.

Forecast future opportunities from all the “keep-in-touches.”

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