Uploading a Spreadsheet of Contacts

Follow the instructions to upload a .csv or Excel file. Make sure your data is clean. All email addresses should be formatted properly. First and last names must be in separate columns. The first name will be populated in the email so make sure they are proper first names with appropriate formatting (i.e. not all Caps, no middle initials, etc.).

You should have at least a valid first name and email address for each contact. Retreva®recommends that you upload (at a minimum) for each contact:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company
  • Email Address

Additional fields may be uploaded as well.

Note, if you have multiple spreadsheets to upload, you must upload them individually. You can select the same group name to combine multiple lists into a single Retreva® Contact Group.  You can also populate a Group_Name column to load contacts from one spreadsheet into multiple sheets.

Attached is a blank spreadsheet that can be used.  Note, Email is the only Mandatory field.

Retreva Upload Template.xlsx (9 KB)

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