One-Time Messages

Note, The One-Time Message feature is “permission” based.  If you need to send one-time messages, fill out this form to request activation of the One-Time Message feature.

There are times when it makes sense to send a “One-Time” Message to some of your contacts.  This is often used to invite contacts to an event, announce a promotion, send a holiday message, etc. 

When the One-Time Message feature is activated in your account, you can send a One-Time Message to any contact except contacts you have placed in “Remove” status.

To send a One-Time Message, click on Contacts and select the “One-Time Message” button.  Follow the instructions to select the contact group (s), reply action (s), or tag (s) (note, Active means still active in Campaigns), write your content, review the test email, review the list of contacts, and SEND.  Note, the check box removes the contact from the list to receive the message.

One-Time messages are sent instantly regardless of the time of day, or day of the week.  They do not affect the contact’s routine campaign schedule if applicable.

If a contact replies and you do not want them to be included in future campaign emails, simply apply the appropriate reply action.  If they reply and you want to keep them in future campaign emails, use “Keep in <Current Status>”.

 Watch Video about One-Time Messages

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