Follow Up Reply Action

Follow Up is the perfect way to make sure that you never miss an opportunity.  When a contact asks for you to follow up with them at a specific time, use the Follow Up Reply Action.  Our proprietary follow up process will ensure you have a great chance of getting that future meeting or sales conversation.  Select Follow Up from the Response  Pick the date you want the first follow up attempt to be sent.

Approve or Edit the IMMEDIATE reply.  And then Approve or Edit the FUTURE follow up attempts.  Retreva will try three times and automatically drop the contact to a Cycle 3 if there is no response.  

You can customize the three follow up emails (sent approximately one week apart) when your contact does not reply by un-checking the “Use Text for follow up 2 and 3” box on the future follow up preview.

Remember, use SEND to send the immediate reply AND schedule future follow up attempts.  Use UPDATE to skip the immediate email but schedule future follow-up attempts.

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