Expected Results

Retreva results are directly connected to two things:

  1. Adding Contacts
  2. Managing Replies Correctly

 Contacts reply in many different ways, but they generally fall into three categories: “Yes”, “No For Now” and “No Forever”. Based on the reply, the appropriate Reply Action will take care of all future communication with each individual contact. 

Unlike some traditional email initiatives, Retreva looks at response rates and sales and does not track open rates and forwards. We look at, contacts replying and if they are, are they replying favorably and are sales being closed.

Typically, over time our clients enjoy between 25 and 60% response rates (some even higher). And of those responses, a majority will fall into the “No For Now” category giving them a chance to be nurtured to a sale in the future. A smaller percentage will fall into “No Forever” and of course, a percentage (which is always growing) will fall into “Yes”. 

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