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Retreva for Sales Planning
and Recruiting

Battery Plus offices are using Retreva to keep sales planners on track, re-engage with inactive associates and send meaningful one-time MPC communication.

About Retreva

Retreva is a “complete staffing solution” that helps Battery Plus offices stay in front of prospects, missing clients and associates by emailing the right content at the right time. Fully automated with no tasks. Our starter package is $149mo and is month-to-month with no contract or commitment. Offices can easily tag data making MPC communication simple and effective. We are proud to be working with more than 150 Battery Plus offices and have set over 8,000 meetings resulting in significant job orders and sales. Additionally, Retreva has helped find and place associates in those job orders. We would love to show you how Retreva can introduce you to your next customer and associate!

What Retreva Users are saying:

“I am shocked to hear offices are still not using Retreva, It pays for itself! I have picked up at least 25 new accounts (Temp-Perm) and have been able to renew old associates for new positions. Absolutely recommend Retreva for every office! It’s affordable and easy to use. It does everything for you!”

Amanda Gardner, Top 50 Rep, Fort Myers, FL

“We got a new client due to Retreva, they are starting Monday! I’ve also scheduled several meetings that I know will result in new clients. We are so excited about this new emailing method!”

Brittany Sprayberry, Chattanooga, TN

“In my almost 7 years as a business developer; Retreva is the only thing that I have seen that makes it easy for me to stay in touch with companies on a comfortable interval that still keeps me in top of mind. I do get meetings and job orders from my touches with them through Retreva.”

Don Cook, Roseburg, OR

Exclusive Pricing for Batteries Plus

$153.50/Ownership Group Plus $100.00/month for additional rep.

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